Yard Signs – An Effective form of Location-based Marketing Communication

Location- based marketing communication is useful for targeting customers on a personal level and yard signs are an effective tool to reach consumers delivering a more targeted message that grows awareness. Yard signs are a great form of location-based marketing that allows a business to effectively target an audience based on their physical location. Placing yard signs in several different places near the location of a business makes it possible to reach more customers based on the proximity to the store, events happening and more. 

When trying to bring in more traffic to your business, the number of people that see your advertisement is really the key to success! An average person can spend a lot of time driving in their cars each day which is why having multiple yard signs in multiple locations can help increase brand recognition. Placing yard signs in high traffic areas such as in front of shopping centers, busy intersections and grocery stores can have a bigger impact because of the frequency of how often a person visits that location.

Yard sign placement should be strategic and by placing yard signs in high traffic areas it can provide the opportunity for more drivers and pedestrians to visually connect with a company’s brand – building brand awareness and broadcasting the company to as many people as possible. 

Using yard signs as a form of communication to increase traffic to a business can be quick and easy! Simply placing the business name, address, website or business logo on the yard sign can attract a much higher number of customers to a business. It can be best to keep the signs simple so that the business name and contact information is easier to pick out visually. Keep it simple, less is MORE – try to get a message across effectively otherwise it can be more of a distraction than a call to a business.

Overall, yard signs are used by businesses to attract more potential customers and the only way to know if a yard sign is helpful for a business is to start placing them at different locations. They are useful to catch people where they are – the better the yard sign placement, the more people will see it and be more inclined to call or visit the business.

Yard signs bring many benefits and should be considered a part of any local marketing campaign. At BulkYardSigns.com, custom yard signs can be ordered within minutes online and can arrive quickly after being ordered – making it quick and easy to get your business name out on the streets and customers to your business! Our site makes it easy to upload your own pre-designed file or use/customize one of our pre-made templates. If you would like a custom sign, feel free to contact Bulk Yard Signs today to see what your options are! We look forward to working with you to meet all of your business needs!