Terms of Use

Acceptance of Terms

Your purchase of Bulk Yard Signs products or services is subject to this Terms of Sale. By clicking the “PLACE ORDER NOW” button and making a purchase, you acknowledge that you have read this document and agree to be bound by its terms and the Terms of Service.

This Terms of Sale is not meant to contradict, violate, or run contrary to any portion of the Terms of Service which governs your use of Bulk Yard Signs services and your use of the Bulk Yard Signs website. If any portion of the Terms of Sale is found to contradict, violate, or run contrary to the Terms of Service, the Terms of Service will govern and will be the binding document with regards to that portion.

The Terms of Sale is meant to provide general information regarding policies surrounding purchases from the Bulk Yard Sign’s website. The Terms of Service is hereby incorporated by reference into this document and thus by agreeing to comply with the Terms of Sale you again agree to comply with the Terms of Service.

2) Content of Your Purchase

The primary value of the Bulk Yard Sign website is the ability for users and potential purchasers to create signs and graphics that display any content they choose. This is done by means of computer interaction alone between the users and the website.

As such, you agree that no Bulk Yard Signs employee, employer, officer, owner, agent, or authorized representative is responsible for monitoring the content of the signs or graphics created or uploaded by users, neither while on the website, nor after purchase and during the production process.

You are in agreement that purchased signs will not be checked for content, spelling errors, grammatical errors, logical errors, aesthetic quality, color matching, or any other factor that is within the user’s Realm of Control through the use of the tool on the website. You, as a user, have multiple opportunities during the purchasing process to check your purchase for layout and content, and agree that you have done so.

“Realm of Control” refers to any part of a sign that is editable by the user. This includes but is not limited to color, font size, font type, font style, font color, position of text, position of graphics, color of graphics, quantity of text, quantity of graphics, spelling of text, use of text, size of graphics, justification of graphics, justification of images, or color of the background.

While Bulk Yard Signs does not review the content of your sign or product, you still agree to be bound by the restrictions as laid out in the Terms of Service. Should it come to the attention of Bulk Yard Signs that you have violated the Terms of Service or this Terms of Sale, you agree that Bulk Yard Signs will send you notice of cancellation and your order will be canceled. You further agree that the purchase price of your order, less any cost incurred during the processing of your order and its cancellation, will be returned by signed check through the United States Postal Service, postmarked within 30 days of your receipt of notice of cancellation.

You also agree that the content of your sign or product does not contain any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, vulgar, harassing, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, indecent, inflammatory, libelous, tortious, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable, or invasive of another’s rights including but not limited to rights of celebrity, privacy, and intellectual property, as provided in Paragraph 7.2 of the Terms of Service.

3) Color Matching

Bulk Yard Signs sells its products through an E-Commerce website viewable by computers connected to the Internet. These computers may view Bulk Yard Signs products solely through their computer screens. Monitors may be configured to display images and colors in a variety of ways, both by using hardware setup and software setup. There are many possible settings for monitors and there is no true uniform standard to which all monitors conform. What may look one way on one monitor, will look different on another.

Furthermore, computer monitors display images with light and use a standard known as RGB to do so. Bulk Yard Signs produces products in a variety of ways, such as CMYK, PMS, and others, that do not use light.

As such, you agree that Bulk Yard Signs does not guarantee that the colors as they appear on the screen will look the same as the colors as they appear on the purchased product. Bulk Yard Signs works hard to make the colors on the screen be as true as possible to the printed colors; however, the differences in monitors and the differences between light and pigment make it impossible to guarantee matching colors for all users.

4) Materials

Bulk Yard Signs sells products made from several different types of materials, including Corrugated Plastic and Aluminum (040 Aluminum).
You agree that you have reviewed our website and/or researched independently, and therefore know what each of these materials is and what you are buying. Bulk Yard Signs promises that you will only receive the materials advertised on the website that you purchase. You agree that Bulk Yard Signs is not responsible for products received that are made of materials thought by the purchaser to be something other than advertised on the website.

For instance, you agree Bulk Yard Signs is not responsible if the Corrugated Plastic received by you is not what you imagined Corrugated Plastic would be.

You agree that all products produced and sold by Bulk Yard Signs are for originality purposes only. Bulk Yard Signs does not make any claims about the legal compliance or registration of signs or any other products sold by Bulk Yard Signs or by a Bulk Yard Signs affiliate. You agree to check with any applicable legal authority for the standards, rules, and regulations governing the types of signs or other products permitted for your particular use.

5) Uploaded Images

Bulk Yard Signs authorizes users to upload images onto their signs and products through the Bulk Yard Signs website. You agree that Bulk Yard Signs is not responsible for the quality of the images you upload. The Bulk Yard Signs website attempts to make a “best guess” as to the best viewing distance of your image based on the internally stored DPI (Dots Per Inch) contained in the image file. The website assumes that 100 DPI is best viewed from 3.5 feet and tries to make a best distance estimate based on that assumption.

You agree that you alone are responsible for making sure that the quality of the image you are uploading is of high enough quality to be satisfactory to you at the size you select on the sign or product that you are purchasing.

Images are created and stored in a variety of ways and you agree that Bulk Yard Signs is not responsible for guaranteeing quality images for any image file format available on the website.

6) Clip Art

Bulk Yard Signs offers a broad range of clip art on the website for use with your signs and products. You agree that this clip art is for originality purposes only and are not meant to be taken as official symbols, art, or graphics. You also agree that except for the Realtor(R) clip art, none of the clip art has been approved through official organizations or groups.

7) Production Time

Bulk Yard Signs works hard to make sure orders will be produced and arrive to our customers by their guaranteed delivery date. The “date of order” is the calendar date of order if the order is placed before 4:00 pm Central Time Monday-Friday. It is considered placed on the next business day if the order is placed between 4:00 pm and 11:59 pm Central Time or is placed on weekends.

This means that a purchase made at 3:00pm Monday will be shipped on Thursday of the same week. This production time is not guaranteed and is limited in many ways as discussed in the Shipping Policy.

You agree that Bulk Yard Signs will take at least 3 business days to produce your order and that it may take longer than 3 business days as laid out in the Shipping Policy. The Shipping Policy is hereby incorporated by reference. Furthermore, you agree that our shipping time frame may depend on your response time to our inquiries regarding your order. Title to your purchased products will pass to you at the time Bulk Yard Signs drops off such purchased products with its designated shipping company.

8) Return and Refund Policy

Please visit our returns, refund, reprint policy.

9) Changes to Your Order

Bulk Yard Signs provides many opportunities to review, revise, and cancel the order process before placing your order. Bulk Yard Signs can offer its products at the present prices due to the efficiency of allowing the customer to create and modify their own products.

You agree that Bulk Yard Signs is not responsible for reviewing, revising, or canceling orders, products, or images once an order has been placed. A Bulk Yard Signs employee, employer, officer, owner, or authorized agent may revise or cancel an order but is not required or obligated to do so.

You agree that you have reviewed your order and that no further additions, corrections, or changes need to be made and that your order is final as is.

10) Dispute Resolution/Waiver of Jury Trial.

All disputes resulting from, relating to, or connected with these Terms of Sale or your use of any part of the BulkYardSigns.com service will be solely resolved under confidential binding arbitration held in St. Louis County, Missouri, before and in accordance with the Rules of the American Arbitration Association, by a single arbitrator applying Missouri law (without regard for conflicts of law principles). The arbitrator’s award will be binding and may be entered as a judgment in any court of competent jurisdiction. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, no arbitration under these Terms of Sale will be joined to an arbitration involving any other party subject to these Terms of Sale, whether through class arbitration proceedings or otherwise. Any action to enforce an arbitrator’s award will be brought in a federal or state court located in St. Louis County, Missouri. Each party hereby conclusively submits to the personal jurisdiction of the Federal and Missouri State courts in St. Louis County. By agreeing that arbitration is the selected solution, you are waiving your right to sue Bulk Yard Signs in a court of law or have a jury decide any disagreement that develops out of, relates to, or is connected with these Terms of Sale or your use of any part of the BulkYardSigns.com service. You understand that you are surrendering your right to a jury trial willingly and knowingly, and free from force or coercion. By entering these Terms of Sale, you hereby permanently waive any right you may have to join claims with those of others in the form of a class action or similar procedural device. Any claim developing out of, relating to, or connected with these Terms of Sale or your use of any part of the BulkYardSigns.com service must be emphasized individually. Excluding anything to the contrary in this section, Bulk Yard Signs may seek justifiable relief, including and without limitation, injunctive relief and specific performance, and without the requirement of posting a bond or other security or proving money damages are insufficient, from a court of competent jurisdiction.