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Effective Yard Signs: Tips & Tricks

These days, aside from social media, yard signs may be one of the most effective forms of advertising. Whether displayed at an intersection or in front of your home or business, many people passing by are just an eye-catching sign away from knowing what it is you’re trying to share.  Cost-effective and convenient, yard signs can be a creative way to display your special event, business or announcement.  

Here are a few tips for creating effective yard signs:

Size matters.

Remember that most people will only have a moment to decipher your sign as they drive by.  If the sign is too small, it may not be visible enough to read from a distance.  On the other hand, if it’s too large, it may just be overwhelming.  A good size for yard signs is typically 24 x 36 inches.  

Use high-quality materials.  

Because your yard sign will be exposed to the elements, you will want to make sure the materials are durable and able to withstand both weather and sun exposure.  A sign that is in pieces or faded after only a few weeks will not do a good job of sharing your message.

Use vivid colors. 

If a sign blends in with its surroundings, it may be appealing and neat to some but it will not stand out amongst its surroundings.  Also avoid dark colors that are hard to see from a distance or light colors that are hard to read.

Remember to K.I.S.S. or Keep It Simple, silly!  

Most often people will notice your sign while they’re driving so they’re not going to have time to read a novel; and their attention span probably can’t handle that anyway!  So be brief, get to the point and make sure they know how to get a hold of you for more information.

Choose fonts carefully.  

It may be fun to change up the fonts on some designs, but the most effective yard sign will be the one people can read.  Use large letters and legible fonts to ensure everyone is able to read it.  Stay away from script, as it is not as easily read by everyone.  Be sure that it is bold and can, easily read from a distance.

Get creative with your graphics.

Although we mentioned you should probably keep it simple, eye-catching graphics will not only help break up the text but also make the sign more visually appealing.  Be sure that the graphics are relevant and match them so that they attract and not distract from the message.

Be strategic when choosing your location.  

The best place to put your yard sign is where it can be seen.  A heavily populated area is a great place to start, near a busy intersection on a well-traveled road.  If you place your sign on the road less traveled, then who’s going to see it?

Keep it up-to-date.  

If your sign is timely, be sure you replace it accordingly.  Don’t leave it up too far beyond the important date you’re advertising.  And if it’s timeless, be sure that it remains relevant in terms of product information price or imagery.  Don’t forget to remove it when it’s no longer needed.

These tips will help ensure that your yard signs stay relevant and effective!