Yard Signs that Stand Out: Design Tips for Effective Outdoor Advertising

Every day, we are constantly inundated with advertisements competing for our attention. Whether we are scrolling through our phones, listening to the radio, watching TV, or just driving to work, we see a multitude of different forms of advertisements. With so much marketing going on all around us, it can be easy for your ad to go unnoticed. Among the many forms of advertisement strategies, yard signs remain an extremely effective form of marketing. In this post, I will go over the most impactful design tips and strategies to make sure that your yard sign stands out and yields your desired attention and results.

Keep it Simple

Less is definitely more when it comes to yard signs. If your yard sign is too cluttered and contains too much information it can become difficult to read and be easily looked over. All you typically need on your yard sign is your main message, call to action, and contact information. Keep your main message brief and to the point. Use a simple font that is easy to read from a distance. Avoid unnecessary information or images to keep your sign reader-friendly. 

Utilize Colors

Because you usually only have a split second to attract someone’s attention with your yard sign, it is important for it to stand out visually. Using bright and high contrast colors will draw the eyesight of a potential new customer. For example, if you are driving by two yard signs placed next to each other it is likely that you will inadvertently look at the one in red before the one next to it that’s in black and white. As a general rule, colors that are across from eachother on the color wheel are high contrast and visually appealing.

Location, Location, Location

Even the most compelling yard signs will go unnoticed if they are placed in a poor location. High traffic areas, especially busy intersections in which people will be stopping, therefore spending more time, will get your sign noticed the most. Don’t underestimate the power of placing your sign in a place with heavy foot traffic as well. Someone walking by your sign has even more time to notice it than someone driving by it.

Use High Quality Materials

Using weatherproof materials when creating your yard sign is of upmost importance. If your sign is not wind and waterproof it is going to appear tattered very quickly. A sign that is in poor condition not only impacts its readability but it also looks unprofessional. If you see two yard signs advertising for a similar service you are far more likely to choose to trust the services of the sign that is in better condition as it is a reflection of the company. 


In a society saturated with advertisements, yard signs remain an excellent and effective form of marketing if done well. Yard signs should be simple, attention-grabbing, placed in a busy location, and weatherproof. Following these steps will promise to yield your yard sign the atttention that it needs.