How Far Should I Put Yard Signs from My Business?

How Far Should I Put Yard Signs from My Business?


Location. Location. Location. When promoting your business with yard signs, location is everything. You might have the best products and services, but if no one can see them, then potential customers will not remember them. The same goes for successful yard sign advertising. Placing your signs in the right spot will provide your business more exposure and have a larger influence than a lot of other forms of advertising. 


Positioning yard signs for your business too close to your business will not help you in gaining more customers. Instead, you want to put them close to the end of your property and close to the road. This is the perfect place for people walking or driving by your business. If you put your signs close to your building, people would have to make an extra effort to get close enough to the sign to read it. 


Where Can I Place My Yard Signs?


Where you place your signs is usually decided by where your property is located. For instance, if your business is in the middle of the block, you will want to put your yard signs at both ends of the property. If you have a longer lot, placing an additional sign in the middle of your property and one at each end would be a good marketing move. The signs placed at the end of your property need to be angled at a slight degree so they can face oncoming traffic and the street. If a sign cannot be seen, then it would be wasted, and you will miss the opportunity to make a sale. Also pay attention to high vehicle and foot traffic areas. Areas where traffic is stopped gives people the chance to read your sign before they continue to their destination. The more visibility of your yard signs to your target audience, the greater impact they will have. 


Be Aware of Laws


No matter where you place your yard signs, you will need to make sure you are following state, federal, and county laws. There are flat-out laws that state where you can and cannot put your yard signs. Some states have laws such as:


  •     Outdoor advertising signs, displays, and devices within 660 feet of the edge of the right-of-way of highway on the Interstate Highway System are illegal.
  •     Signs are not allowed within 100 feet of any public park, state forest, playground, or cemetery. 
  •     Signs cannot be placed within 15 feet from the outside line of a highway that is outside the “thickly settled” or business section of a city or town, unless it is on the walls of a business where the products advertised are offered for sale or the business advertised is conducted. 


The best thing to do is contact your local municipality’s Department of Transportation, as well as county, state, and federal guideline websites. As soon as you know what the rules are in your area, you can start displaying your business to potential customers. 


Final Thoughts


The placement of your yard signs is an important part of having a successful business. You want them far enough away from your building so potential customers do not have to take extra steps and time to walk up to your building to see it. If they see it is too far away, they might walk on by and a sale has just been lost. That’s the last thing any business owner wants!