Summer’s Approaching: Need a Sign for Get Togethers?

Summer’s Approaching: Need a Sign for Get Togethers?

Before you know it, summer will be here and you will be planning to get together with friends and family, community members, and your church family. You might be planning a wedding, a graduation, a community play, or welcoming a new member to your family. Whatever the case, you will want to let everyone know about the excitement that is happening. One way to do that is by utilizing yard signs. 


Yard signs are a great way to get the word out about anything. They allow your guests to become excited from the very start of your event. It is a way to inform them that they are about to have a fantastic time and will make memories that will last a lifetime. 


So, what exactly should you include on your yard sign to attract the attention of others? Keep reading to find out!


What Makes a Good Yard Sign?


If you want your yard signs to stand out and get the message out there about your special event, consider the following tips. 


  •     Use Bright, Bold Colors


Using bright, bold colors that pop will draw the attention of drivers from the road and people passing by, even from a block away. Make sure the background color contrasts with the hues you are using for the text. 


  •     Use Legible Fonts


If your font is hard to read, then people will not take the time to stop and read it. Fonts such as Times New Roman, Georgia, or Helvetica are easy to read from afar. There is a time and place to use unusual fonts such as Bradley Hand and Papyrus; however, they are not recommended on signs that are meant to be read in a short amount of time. 


  •     Text Size Matters


How many times have you had to squint to read a sign and became frustrated because you could not read it? Your audience should not have to work hard at reading your sign. Make sure the text is big enough for everyone, especially those who have a hard time seeing. 


  •     Less is More!


Remember that you are trying to get across the most important part of your message to those reading your sign. A short and to the point message about your event with a phone number is plenty. Do not include small text that is difficult to read. Instead, include what is necessary because you want your audience to take in the most crucial information as fast as they can. 


  •     Clear Messaging


Use a popular call to action phrase to get the attention of your audience. This allows your messages to be kept simple and direct, which is what many people like.


  •     Open Space


Do not put too much on your sign. Be sure to leave around 30-40% of your design area as open space. This will allow for your message to be easier to read. When you overfill your area, you make your sign hard to read. The harder it is to read, the less of an impact it will make. Remember, the main goal of your sign is to be informative. 


Final Thoughts


Yard signs allow the community around you to know about the special event you are celebrating. Whether it is a fun summer community get together, a church event, or the celebration of something special, yard signs are the way to go. If you would like to announce your event by utilizing yard signs, contact Bulk Yard Signs today. We would be thrilled to help you design the perfect sign for your special occasion!