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How to Include Yard Signs in Your Marketing Campaign

How to Include Yard Signs in Your Marketing Campaign


Every business owner understands that promoting their business is a vital part of success. However, it can be challenging to figure out what marketing strategy to use. There are many to choose from including social media ads, T.V. commercials, email marketing, and product giveaways. It is important to remember whatever avenue you do take, be sure to consider cost and how many potential customers it can reach. There are a lot of strategies that reach a wide target audience, but there are also many strategies that reach a big audience but not until you spend a huge amount of money. 


Using yard signs is a popular, old-fashioned way of promoting your business. It is not only cheap but can also reach a broad audience. However, sometimes using yard signs can fail as a marketing strategy due to including too much information or the design is too busy. The following are tips to remember when designing your yard signs to help potential customers understand the message you are trying to convey. 


Simple Design: If you are using a standard size or custom shaped yard sign, remember a simple design is vital. There is only so much space on a yard sign of this size, so you want to make sure the words and images are easy to see. White space is a term used to describe the importance of keeping the empty space around the images and words so the features on the sign are simple to read. 


Catchy, Short Verbiage: Always keep the message short. This is vital because individuals reading your yard sign are typically either walking, running, or driving past it which means they do not have a lot of time to read. Make sure your message grabs the viewer’s attention and can also be read and comprehended in a few seconds. 


Contrasting Colors: Using colors that are too close together on the color wheel is not recommended. They typically blend together which makes it hard to read from far away and even up close. You can use any color on a white background as it is sure to be seen; however, you can also use dark color text on a light color sign or vice versa. 


Call to Action: Call-to-action is a vital strategy to think about using when trying to promote your business. You will want to first grab the person’s attention through the design and simple message. Afterwards you will then want to direct them to act after the message has been read. These call-to-action messages should be followed by your website URL or phone number to encourage your viewers to take the next step in contacting you.


Custom Shaped: Most of the time you will see yard signs that are square or rectangular. However, when using a custom shaped sign, you are allowing yourself more flexibility with your design. You will also possibly cause more attention to the sign. Doing more than just the typical square shaped sign can be more successful in catching the eyes of viewers. 


Location: Your message and the design of your sign might be ideal, but if you do not place your sign in the right location, you might not get as many views as you would like. One great spot to place your sign is at the end of the yard close to the road. People can see it more easily than if your sign was placed next to a building. 


Final Thoughts


Including yard signs in your marketing strategy is an effective, affordable way to promote your business. However, there are important factors to remember when implementing your strategy. Keep in mind the tips from above when you design your next yard sign or contact Bulk Yard Signs for not only professional advice but to also produce the signs for you!