Yard Signs: A One-Time Single Investment

There are many creative ways to advertise for your business! You can purchase a billboard, run an ad in the local newspaper, pay for a TV or commercial ad, or pay for a social media advertisement. If you are a small business, your marketing budget can vanish quickly, and your results will come as an inadequate source of advertising. 

These types of advertising come with high upfront expenses, and some will require you to repeat your investment to remain effective. For instance, a TV or radio commercial requires you to pay for production costs and your time slot. Online advertising requires you to pay for monthly, weekly, and even daily expenses. There are even extra costs with print ads because they must be produced and then mailed. 

Alternative Option: Yard Signs!

In today’s economy, not many people or businesses have money to spare, especially when it comes to advertising. Unless you are a major corporation who reels in a large profit and can dish out money to advertise on a billboard sign like it is pocket change, you are probably looking for a cheap way to promote your business or announce your event. Look no further because you are about to be educated on the cheapest way to advertise.

Whether you are a small start-up business, a company that has been around for years, or an organization looking to market your services or broadcast your event, yard signs are the way to go. If you compare the price of yard signs to any other form of advertising, you will find that they are among the cheapest options for advertising. 

The most common type of yard sign is made of Coroplast, a rigid material that is UV, chemical, and water-resistant. These materials allow yard signs to withstand elements for a long time and survive even the worst weather conditions. Your signs will stay vibrant for months and continue to stay eye-catching as well as legible from far away. What does this mean in terms of cost-effectiveness? You will not have to re-order signs on a regular basis which will save you money unlike other advertising methods. 

Yard signs provide you with a way to reach your targeted audience in such a way that no other form of advertisement can. With yard signs, you can place them anywhere you would like and place as many as you want at a low-cost investment! When you purchase yard signs you are making a one-time investment that includes paying for the signs only once and agreeing to no monthly charges or renewals. And what is even better? When you purchase yard signs in bulk, you are actually saving money! The more signs you buy, the price for each sign goes down. 

Buying in bulk provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a more differentiated marketing strategy at a much lower cost per sign. As an added bonus you get to reach a wider audience with a single campaign! However, if you are a business just starting out or even a promising entrepreneur who does not have a large budget, order a single sign to start and then add more as business gets better. Save yourself hundreds, even thousands of dollars, by avoiding expensive ways of advertising. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you buy in bulk or just a single yard sign, you are making a wise investment. Yard signs are inexpensive, gain a lot of impressions, and are durable and long lasting. Stretch your budget by printing cheap yard signs with Bulk Yard Signs. We have competitively priced yard signs made of high-quality materials. Our 4mm Coroplast yard signs are some of the lowest priced yard signs around!