The Upside of Buying in Bulk: It’s Cheaper!

Everyone is trying to find ways to cut corners and save money. In today’s economy that can be hard to do. Even though prices have risen on a variety of things, businesses do not want to stop advertising for sales, special events, grand openings, or other things that make life seem normal once again. Yard signs provide more exposure for a business which can bring in more revenue. 

Low Investment

Yard signs are a popular marketing tool that is very inexpensive. When compared to the cost of a single large billboard, a TV/radio spot, or an intricate digital marketing campaign, yard signs are only a small fraction of a company’s budget. 

When you choose to design your custom-made yard sign with Bulk Yard Signs, you will know up front before you finalize the order how much you are spending including shipping. Bulk Yard Signs are easy on your budget and provide a more professional image than writing on a store-bought yard sign by hand. 


Yard signs are a great way to reach your audience and a foolproof way to capture someone’s attention. All that is needed is a powerful visual impression that includes a tactful design and clean layout that your audience will remember but does not cost you an arm and a leg. Whatever your business goals are, custom-made yard signs are an effective way to promote your business all while showing an aesthetic style. 

If you need more reasons why yard signs are the way to go then keep reading. Whether you are a business with a goal of marketing your products or services, or someone who wants to advertise an event, yard signs are extremely cost-effective. When compared to print ads, yard signs can save you money, and if you are trying to market your business, they could possibly help result in more exposure. Even more so, remember that print ads only reach those who read or subscribe to those specific publications. An added bonus? Yard signs are also a great economical solution!

Want More Reasons?

Creating a yard sign is next to nothing unlike other forms of advertising. In contrast to digital media, businesses do not need to know what each click is going to cost them or what each view is going to cost you. Potential customers can see your sign for free! They are simply there and easy to see. 

Finally, another reason to advertise with yard signs is the simple fact that they can be easily moved if need be. If you decide to move your business to a different location, your yard signs can go with you. Compared to other signs, yard signs are not cemented to the ground. You can easily pick up the yard signs and take them with you. This makes them even more cost-effective since you will not have to order new ones. Their lifespan is also long and profitable due to the material they are printed on, which also results in little wear and tear. 

It’s a no brainer that yard signs are the ideal way to go if you are looking to save money. However, if you need even more reason why you should use yard signs to advertise, then contact Bulk Yard Signs. Our professional team will talk to you more about them and help you design the perfect yard sign for your business or occasion!