As we approach the upcoming voting season, getting a politician’s name and their platform in front of the public can be a challenge. To stand out in the crowd is the goal of every political figure. But how do you achieve this? In today’s marketing world, social media and web advertising are the easiest and fastest way to reach potential voters. However, if a candidate relies on just this single form of advertising, they could potentially be missing a large portion of the voting constituents.




For an easy and economical way to canvas a town, city or precinct, consider the use of yard signs. With permission from home and land owners, these signs can be placed in almost every yard, street corner and business. And as with any form of advertising, the more times a potential voter sees a candidate’s name, the more apt they are to remember their name and vote in their favor.


BulkYardSigns.com has pre-made signs where the candidate’s information can simply be inserted, or we have the ability to create a unique yard sign that will grab the attention of those voters that need to be reached. The goal of any campaign is to set the candidate apart from the other nominees on the ballot.       Yard signs will help to create an advertising edge over your competitors and keep you on the top of every voter’s mind.


There are many ways to let a yard sign do the work for you. QR codes are very popular and help to direct the public to a website or landing page for more information about the candidate. FaceBook and Instagram usernames can be added to the signs as well, to drive traffic to your social media pages. The combination of name recognition from yard signs and the ability to get to know a candidate better from social media and websites will give the political campaign an advantage over other nominees.




Yard signs are also a great way to let the public know about upcoming propositions and other voting information that is of great importance. The use of these signs can help educate the constituents by leading them to websites that will provide them with viable information that is necessary for election day. The ability to get information into the hands of your voters can result in a more favorable outcome.


As with candidates, proponents of certain propositions can utilize a QR code that will direct voters to their websites and informational pages. This will help the public better understand what they are voting for and how it will benefit their community. Using yard signs is an ideal way to canvas an area and get information out to the public quickly.




Yard signs are an inexpensive and a reusable way to direct the public to voting places. Voting signs utilize directional arrows and symbols to lead people to their correct polling place. These signs can be graphically enhanced by using the traditional red, white and blue coloring, which will catch the eye of those who are needing to vote. The use of yard signs can help reduce the stress of knowing where to go and help to reassure the public that they are in the correct place.


No matter how you need to get the word out about candidates, propositions or polling places, a yard sign can help. Go to BulkYardSigns.com and start creating your own political signs.