Yard Signs Are For More Than Just Business

Yard Signs Are For More Than Just Business

The most common use of yard signs is to advertise a business and the services they provide. Whether you are canvassing a neighborhood, or trying to drive traffic to your business, yard signs are the easiest and economical way to achieve those goals. But yard signs can be used for so much more than business. Let’s look into examples of yard signs that can be used for more than just business.


A yard sign is a great way to announce a birthday and help everyone celebrate the person of honor. The sign can be displayed out in front of a home or where they work. Birthday signs can be designed to reveal someone’s age or to let people know that they are celebrating a milestone birthday. Yard signs are an awesome way to make kids of all ages feel like the star of the day. 

Weddings & Baby Announcements

Significant milestones in your life deserve to be celebrated. A great way to let everyone know about a wedding or birth announcement is to create a yard sign that will say it for you. Bulk Yard Signs can help you design a unique sign that reflects your personality or you can choose one of our ready made signs to get the word out. 

Family Reunions

The summer season is the perfect time for families to get together. These reunions will bring in family members from near and far. And since out of town guests may not know the area or location of the reunions venue, yard signs are the perfect way to not only announce the reunion but to help your family know where they are going. Strategically placing several yard signs that will lead guests to the venue will guide everyone to the party and ease the stress of the day.

Parties & Showers

When you are planning a party or shower, it is important to not only let guests know when the event is, but where. A yard sign will help you achieve both of these goals. These signs will not only announce that a party or shower is happening, but you can add directional cues that will lead your guests right to your door. The key to a successful party is the guests that attend. Bulk Yard Signs can help you guide your guests to the “Party of the Year”.

Recognitions (Sports, Student, Graduation)

Milestones are meant to be celebrated. Students that achieve milestones, such as Student of the Week, going into Kindergarten or high school, Athlete of the Week or graduation, need to be celebrated as well. They have put a lot of time and energy into getting there. Using yard signs to recognize these students is a simple, yet effective way to let their community know what they have achieved and that they are to be celebrated.  

Warnings & Information

Yard signs are an effective way to communicate information to the community in which you live. These signs can relay information about upcoming municipal meetings, community

events, or potential warnings that need to get out to residents. With the use of yard signs, the same message can be distributed throughout an area to ensure that everyone is aware of the happenings within their community. 

Thank You

If you are looking for a unique way to tell a group of people or even one person that you are thankful for their help, contribution or support, say it with a yard sign. These signs can be put in a yard to let everyone know that someone special lives here or can be scattered throughout a community to let them know that you or your organization appreciates the support that they have given. A thank you is not required, but they are always appreciated.

Yard/Estate Sales

In order to drive people to visit your yard and estate sales, a yard sign will be your best option. These signs can be placed in high traffic areas to let the community know about your yard or estate sale. Your signs should have the important information, like date and location of sale, to ensure that as many visitors as possible will attend your event. Directional arrows can be added to the signs to help people find you easier. 


No matter what your event, occasion or need, Bulk Yard Signs can help you achieve your goal. Visit us at bulkyardsigns.com to get started today.