Navigating Event Marketing with Custom Yard Signs

With so many methods of event advertising available to us today, the classic yard sign has continued to be an undeniably successful tool for event marketers. There are a multitude of ways to use yard signs to your advantage when marketing for an upcoming event. In the following post, I will share the best reasons to use and the benefits of implementing custom yard signs to spread the word and secure attendance for your next event. 

Harness the Power of Visual Advertisement

Using yard signs to advertise your event is, first and foremost, about catching the eyes of your audience. Even the most interesting and relevant event may not be on anyone’s radar if the advertisement is easily overlooked. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to make your sign stand out and be seen, such as using colors that pop or an interesting graphic. This first step is a great time to get people familiar with your logo and branding so that they begin to build visual connections to your brand. 

Get Creative

Once you’ve designed an attention-grabbing visual for your sign, it’s necessary to maintain that attention while relaying information about your event. While the content of your sign should be kept simple to detour people from feeling overwhelmed by the information, it should also be engaging. Using funny slogans, local references, or any jargon that evokes a sense of belonging and connection will make for a memorable event advertisement. 

Place your Signs Strategically

After you’ve finalized the appearance and message of your sign, it is essential to thoughtfully calculate sign placement. You want your sign to be seen by the right person, at the right place, at the right time. Understanding your audience and areas of heavy traffic and local hotspots is key to the success of marketing your event. For example, if you’re advertising for an event involving craft beer, it would be beneficial to place your signs around a bustling street lined with bars or nightclubs. 

Utilize Modern Methods for Measurable Impact

QR codes are nearly everywhere these days and are an efficient way to get information into the hands of your audience. Attaching a QR code to your sign that links people to your event website is a game-changer when it comes to informing people of the more specific details of your event. You can also gather important data from these specific QR codes, such as which locations the signs were most successfully seen at and engaged with. You can use that information to recalculate where to place your signs for optimal visibility in the future.

Consider Cost-Effectiveness

Event marketing can be unreasonably expensive, putting unnecessary financial stress on event organizers. This can be especially detrimental to small businesses and local event marketers. Yard sign advertisements produce an astounding cost-to-impact ratio, especially when bought in bulk, making them one of the most affordable forms of event marketing in the business.


Harnessing the power of the yard sign as a tool for event marketing is timelessly impactful. If your event sign is appealing, informative, concise, and strategically placed, you are sure to generate a fantastic response and turnout at your next event. Utilize yard signs for your next marketing event to induce excellent results at an unbeatable price.